Zong Student Package For 2 Hours Unlimited Bundle

Zong Student Package : There are Many Popular Zong Call Packages Has been Introduced by Zong Today we will Talk about Zong Student Call Package.This is the Super Student Bundle, which is known as the Zong Student Call Package for 2 hours unlimited bundle. Here in this post you will get all these details including how to subscribe, price, validity and benefits. Well, you are all informed that Zong has previously given 1 super hour, but now there are 2 super hours in Rs. 5 plus taxes.

Zong Student Call Package

Zong Student Package
zong student package

In addition to the free minutes of calls, you also get the Internet MBs in 4G speed, which is really an incredible offer. Well, this Zong 2 hour call package is best for those who need to talk on the phone for more than an hour and it’s also better than the weekly or monthly call package, because in these packages you have to pay for the whole thing and that is more than your use. Above all, you do not have to pay any taxes or hidden fees, but the fair policy is written down this passage. Continue reading to get details about Zong Student Call Package for 2 hours unlimited package.

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Zong Student Package for 2 hours unlimited bundle

Zong Super Student Bundle

Price Rs. 5 + tax
Zong to Zong calls Unlimited
Mobile Internet Volume 30 MB
Validity 2 hours
Subscribe Code *5555#
Terms and Conditions: Zong Student Package
  • You can use Upto 30MB during 2 hours on 4G speed
  • Bundle will be Deactivated automatically after 2 hours even you don’t have used.
  • Package will not automatically renew
  • Usage of 1 MB without Activating package is Rs. 1+ tax per MB
  • 14% withholding tax and 19.5% tax will be applicable
  1. So these are the complete details about Zong student call package for 2 hours unlimited bundle.
  2. Hope you like this bundle and you are ready to subscribe this bundle but if you don’t have any question you can send your comment in the following comment box.