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Zong eCare Account Login for Call History Details | GMP

Zong Ecare Login Call And SMS History Details

New web portal will be launched by Zong Enterprises through Zong Ecare 8080 call history login and log in to manage my account all these things that you can use with simple method. On this page we want to discuss all these things in detail. Zong eCare

Zong 4G Company has launched Zong ecare for all prepaid users. In the past this portal are only for Zong postpaid customers, but now this offer is open for prepaid and postpaid users.

Through this eCare you can get a lot of service and you can manage your SIM online like Change Packge, DailTune subscription, Block your number, Book your number, Manage Call Transfer, Manage Voicemail, Manage FnF and Vaue Added Services.

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How to Create Zong ECare Account and 8080 Call History Login

How to Signup:

We will give you a red color link in the bottom by this Lick you can register online without fees after this registration you can login you and second link is available for logging in, if you click on this link you can login page where you If you can enter your Zong mobile number and password, you will need to enter the code that is already on the page after this procedure.

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Copy below Url and get Sign up page.


Through this zong Ecare you have the opportunity to get all control over your SIM card, and if you want monthly invoice details, then yes, you can get it.

For you more details Zong get 4G technology for all 4G technology free way and packages and its activation method you can do all this through this portal technology sector, which is available on the main homepage.

Now we hope that you understand Zong Ecare 8080 Call History Login and log in to manage my account.

Copy Thios URL and Paste in Your Browser for Zong Ecare SignUp


More Detail About Zong Ecare SignUp Call and SMS History Details:

Through Zong E-Care service, you can get call history history, but remember that you only get last 15 days call record through this service, so do not think you can get last 3 month call history record.

Zong Ecare SignUpBy Zong eCare you can also record SMS, yes this is a prepaid prepaid and postpaid users can receive every single SMS protocol through E-Care Zong.

Now we are sharing very interesting features ( Zong Ecare ) provided by e-care service through e-care offering you your free sms and free minutes, so give your money for these things not received by e-care it.

How to get registration of E-Care service:

In the next page you can find a new page that is designed by Zong officials. You can deposit your Zong Number, CNIC Number and Random Key (which is available by default on this page), after which you have clicked on the Submit button.

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