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Ufone Night Internet Package 2020 | Ufone Internet Package

Ufone Night Internet Package 2020

Use Ufone and want to use the Internet at night? Ufone now offers Ufone’s mega-internet offering, where you can use the Internet for the night. There are many more updates for the Ufone Night Internet Package 2018. These packages are very convenient for those who are doing a night job, or those who are traveling at night, as well as others who need to use the Internet at night. This offer is very cheap, but there are so many advantages of this offer, which offers you many MBs and data that you can consume at night. Here I explain to you the complete details about this offer as well as the conditions for the receipt of fees and other conditions. So, if you are looking for Ufone Late Night Internet Packages, then you have a better option of Ufone Mega Internet offer. Continue reading this post to learn more about this interesting Ufone Internet package for the night.

 Ufone Late Night Internet Packages 2018

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Ufone Late Night Internet Package 2018

Data Charges Validity Duration Code
2 GB Rs. 12 1 AM (Night) to 8AM (Morning) 30 Days *550#

Terms and Conditions

  • Only prepaid customers can avail this offer
  • Internet speed is works for both 2G and 3G as per the area and your handset
  • Offer will be deactivated after 30 days
  • Using Sim without PTA verification is a crime


So that’s the Ufone Night Internet Package 2018 which is also called Ufone Mega Internet Offer. Prior to this Ufone, the 50GB 3G Internet Data Bucket was introduced, allowing customers to use only 50GB per day with Rs. 6. This offer has now expired and you can now subscribe to the Mega Internet offer, where you can use many MBs all night long.