Highest paid jobs for fresh graduates:

If you are, a fresh graduate and looking for highly paid jobs in Pakistan then this article might be helpful for you to find the job best suited for you in terms of money and self-satisfaction. Thousands of students graduate from universities and go to apply for jobs in the market but face difficulties to find the one that earns them a handsome livelihood. Most of them also search for jobs that are based on their skills and qualifications but due waiting of employees response it is an embarrassing moment for them. The top highest paying jobs of 2018 for fresh graduates are as follows:-

*Chartered Accountant:

                  The job of chartered accountant is one of the best-paid jobs of the current year. They are hired on positions that are related to the financial affairs of an organization. They are offering high salaries even at the start of their jobs. After some experience, they get even a greater salary package. The salary ranges from Rs 75000 to 450000 per month.

*IT Professional:

Due to the modern age of technology, the IT sector in the entire world has a huge demand for passionate and hardworking IT professionals. The IT sector in Pakistan is also emerging in every aspect of life.in major cities of Pakistan there are software houses working and the software engineers are paid high monthly salaries due to their increasing demand. The salaries range from Rs 50000 to 500000 per month.

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*Telecom Engineer:

The sector of telecommunication is one of the fast-growing sectors in Pakistan. And their services are generating daily billions of rupees. So starting a job in the telecommunication sector in one of the best career and is also one of the highly paying job sector in Pakistan. The salary ranges from about Rs 25000 to 100000 per month.

*Project Manager:

The project manager has to deal with planning, organizing, procurement and then the execution of the project. This job of a project manager is highly paying and also receives good remuneration for the roles and services that they provide. The salaries range from Rs 25000 to 150000 per month.

*Marketing Manager:

The marketing is one of the best profitable organizations in the world. The marketing is the most important aspect dealing with the success of the organization’s products and its services. So the marketing manager is the one dealing with such affairs of the organization he is working in. And are getting high salaries in Pakistan along with other opportunities. The salary ranges from about Rs 30000 to 200000 per month.

*HR Manager:

This is included in the 2018 year and is an important career starting in human resource management, especially for the Pakistani women. These HR managers are responsible for hiring, career development, and training and employee relations to run the operations of the organization smoothly. This is also the area of job, which pays high salary among Pakistan. They also receive salaries ranging from Rs 35000 to 150000 per month.


So I hope these future careers help you to opt the best suitable jobs with handsome salaries and various other opportunities.