Careem Introduced interesting features for Customers- Chalo let’s Go The Careem Team

The Careem Team Says That We’re constantly thinking of new ways to make your experience with Careem better, and our Captains play a huge part in that. They work hard to serve you every day, and we believe it’s important to provide them with the rewards when they succeed, and the feedback when they need it.

The Careem Team

Careem is a Best transport network Company based in Dubai, with operations in 53 cities in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. The company is as of 2017 valued at about $ 1 billion

That’s why we’ve been cooking a few new features that will not only make your Careem experience better, but will also allow you to share your appreciation for your Captains.

An easy way to #BeCareem. Chalo let’s Go The Careem Team

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We’ve always given you an option to tip your Captain, but now we’ve made it super simple. After rating them 4 or 5 stars, you will be able to leave a tip right there and then in the app! Tipping is optional, obvs, but if you do leave a tip, you will receive two separate charges (one for the ride fare and one for the tip), and 2000 mental high fives from all of us at Careem 😉


Giving feedback
If you leave a rating between 1 and 3 stars, you likely weren’t completely satisfied with your ride, and we want to know why. We’ve made the feedback process quick and easy so we can do our best to make your next ride better.

In-app help for common concerns
Sometimes you have questions or need to get in touch with a customer support agent. While we have a 24/7 call center, we also want to address your concerns as quickly as possible. That’s why, we’re giving you all the answers you need directly in the Careem app!

Careem is one of most popular Service

For more details about these new features, visit Careem Blog. See You in a Careem soon!