Telenor EasyCard Offer – All in One offer 2020

Telenor Pakistan has from time to time introduced many exciting and great deals for its prepaid customers. Telenor is again presenting a super exciting “Telenor EasyCard Offer” offering that allows subscribers to relax for the entire month. Telenor EasyCard offers its customers a worry-free month as it offers free minutes (both online and offline), free news and 2G + 3G Internet for the entire month in just Rs. 300+ taxes.

Telenor EasyCard Offer

With Telenor easy card offer you only have to scratch a single card to buy the relaxation for the whole month. One has to eliminate the misconception that the Telenor Easy Card offer does not add credits or credits to the subscriber’s account, but there are many more useful and value-free resources for the entire month. The best thing about the Telenor Easy Card offer is that it can be used by both djuice and Talkshawk Prepaid customers in Pakistan.

How to Subscribe:

Telenor EasyCard is easy to subscribe to by visiting a Telenor sales and service center, franchise or retailer in the following two ways:

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  • Scratch card: Buy Telenor EasyCard and download the card to subscribe to this offer.
  • Easyload: Ask the retailer to load “Telenor easycard” into your account.
Terms & Conditions:
  • The Telenor EasyCard offer applies to all new, existing and MNP prepaid customers of Telenor Talkshawk and djuice network.
  • The customer only receives the offer to receive the offer from Rs. 350.
  • It means that customers will not receive a balance on this offer.
  • If you add the previous resources, you can re-subscribe to this offer with each subsequent re-login.
  • This offer is valid for 30 days. The validity is extended up to 30 days after the offer is subscribed again.
  • Up to a maximum of 90 days, the existing validity period for the recharge will be given to the subscribers.
  • All resources within this offer will not be eligible for call setup fees.
  • In accordance with current business practice (ie stated balance after deduction of relevant taxes and service charges), customers of Telenor
  • Postpaid who load this card / easyload will receive a balance.
    In addition to this offer, the subscriber can also use other Telenor offers.
  • There is no string code to subscribe to the Telenor easy card offer. It can only be subscribed to by special easyload or card charging.
  • By simply dialing the free string * 123 #, subscribers to this offer can review their free resources on offer.
  • Those Telenor prepaid users who have not paid an emergency loan amount will not be eligible for this offer.

Telenor EasyCard Offer – Fixed Monthly Resources in Just Rs. 350 – Details and Instructions:

Charges Rs. 350 +Tax
On-Net Minute(s) 500 & djuice, PTCL and Vfone.
Off-Net Minute(s) 50
SMS 500 Other Network
Internet Data 500 MBs
Validity 1 Month


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