Telenor Call Packages Talkshawk, Daily, Monthly, 3 days  and 7 Days

Get best Telenor Call Packages Daily, Weekly & Monthly Call Packages Likewise, Telenor djuice offers valuable Telenor call packages for the user-friendliness of its subscribers. No matter which Telenor Call package is at all, it is a class in itself, because of the low User subscriptions and the Best quality.

Telenor Call Package

 Both services of Telenor, H. Djuice and talkshawk, offer a wide range of Telenor call packages according to the demand, the needs and budget of the subscriber. We provide our readers with the list of Telenor call packets so they can choose the Telenor call pack of their choice at a glance without any time loss.

Everything you need to Know about Telenor Call Packages

Telenor offers incredible Telenor Call packages, which are a class of their own due to the low subscriptions and excellent quality. dJuice also offers valuable call packages for the ease of subscribers.

Both services of Telenor, H. Djuice and talkshark, offer a wide variety of call packages according to the needs and budget of the subscriber.

The company offers its customers a range of call packages, including Telenor Daily Call Packages, Telenor Weekly Call Packages and Value Added Call Packages. You will find all the details of the Talktime packages provided by Telenor

Telenor Call Packages Daily, 3 Day, Weekly and Monthly

Here we are Giving deatail about different Telenor Call Packages (Latest) in the Postpay and  prepaid category, Daily usage and pricing cadres, be it hourly, daily, weekly or monthly, on-network or off-network, National or International Dialing.

Based out of Norway, Telenor entered Pakistani market more than a decade back. It has been a long time since the last 2 years of t

he 2G, 3G and 4G trade. It is important to us. By the fourth quarter of last year, the company had over 39,428 million mobile subscriptions and with over 6000 employees.

Latest Telenor Call Packages
Telenor Call Packages

Package Name
Free On-Net Mins
Free Off-Net Mins
Free SMS
Free MBs
Telenor Din Bhar Offer 10000 20 1 Day
Rs. 10
View Details
Telenor Talkshawk Full Day Offer 10000 50 1 Day
View Details
 Telenor Daily, Weekly, Monthly Call Packages
Talkshawk Superhit Offer 10000 1 Day
View Details
Telenor Sunday Offer 150 1 Day
View Details
Telenor 3 Day Din Bhar Package 10000 7 Days
View Details
Telenor 3 Day Super Hit Package 10000 7 Days
View Details
Telenor Super 3 Offer 300 300 100 7 Days
View Details
Telenor Haftawaar Sahulat Package 1000 70 700 100 7 Days
View Details
Telenor EasyCard 500 50 500 500 1 Month
View Details


Latest Telenor djuice Call Packages 2017-18  Daily, Weekly, Hourly, FnF

Telenor Djuice offers a lot of different call packages for the Djuice customer. Telenor djuice call packages are in reasonable prices. You can make unlimited calls at any time of the day. Telenor offer Fifteen FnF numbers, so if you would like to enjoy unlimited calls, I recommend to you these deals Which are great for you just because it offers Unlimited offer for friends and family FNF numbers.

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Telenor Call Packages – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Check out Telenor Call Packages – Daily, Weekly and Monthly, and select according to your usage. Telenor, an international telecommunications network in Pakistan, offers its customers the affordable rates. Various packages are available to keep people connected. Since all telecommunication companies are in competition with each other, Telenor is the cheapest tariff for call and SMS. Telenor is a top and user-friendly network and who takes care of their customers. It always offer feasible packages so customers ultimately access them to activate them.

The packages and services offered by the company are listed below. daily offer

Talkshawk good time offer

It is an hourly package. The user gets two hours of free-time as well as 200 MB Internet for Facebook. The Customer must pay only 5.50 Rs plus tax to Subscribe this exciting offer. The offer is valid only for one day. The user can not Use this offer between 6 and 9 pm. The service is provided to Telenor for Telenor numbers. To take advantage of this great offer, the user can choose * 345 * 20 #.

Full-day offer.

Those who like to talk at any time all day can avail themselves of this excellent offer at very favorable conditions. With only 13 Rs plus tax, the user gets a Telenor number as well as 50 MB Internet for a whole day. The user must simply select * 5 * 250 #. Activate the package and talk with friends all day long in favorable prices with the best voice quality.

Satse sat offer.

It is an impressive offer that the user can use daily between 7 am and 7 pm. To subscribe, please select * 5 * 727 #. The user not only gets unlimited calls between this super time, but also unlimited free SMS and 3G Internet setup. 8.5 including taxes are the charges for this package and enjoy the unlimited calls.

Din bhar offer

As you know that many other mobile operators providing daily call offers, Telenor also offers Din Bhar, which allows the Subscriber to enjoy an unlimited number of free minutes, SMS and the Internet for 24 hours. The user can enjoy this offer between 6 am and 6 pm with only 9.50 Euro tax. To activate the passage, the user must select * 5 * 727 #.

Talkshawk Super Hit Offer

It is also the daily basic offer. The user must select * 345 * 011 # to receive this wonderful package. The call times are for the whole day except 7pm to 9pm. The package is only for Rs 15 plus taxes. This allows the user to speak with friends and family members by using this super-hit offer.

2 paisa daily offer.

This is the package for users to talk to other networks for 2 paise per second. It is an economic service for its customers. To get this offer, the user can select * 020 #. It requires 1.20 Rs for activation. The offer is valid for one day.

24-hour offer in Pakistan.

This offer is available in Rs 16 plus tax. The user can make friends and acquaintances throughout Pakistan. The participant gets 75 minutes by dialing * 345 * 24 #. The offer is aimed at Telenor to Telenor users.

Talkshawk Superlade offer

This offer is for this user who charges his card at Rs100 or more. When deducting Rs0.5 plus tax, the user gets 25 minutes for the whole day by dialing * 5 * 100 #.

week offer

Like daily packages, weekly packages and offers are also amazing to attract the subscribers towards the network. Weekly packages are described below.

Haftawaar Chapperphar Offer.

In only 50 Rs plus taxes, the customer can avail this amazing offer. The user gets 70Mb Internet, 700 minutes on the Internet and some additional offers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So it is a good offer for those who want to connect with their friends and colleagues for a week. To subscribe to this offer, the user can select * 5 * 700 #. The offer can be activated via the Telenor app or via the official Telenor website.

Haftawar sahulat offer

It is another great offer that users can enjoy. Simply dial * 5 * 7 # to get 70 offline minutes, 700 SMS and 100 MB internet. One of the convincing features of this package is that the user also gets a 350 MB social pack. This package requires an activation of Rs95 plus taxes.

3-din sahulat offer

Teen din offer is also an amazing offer for Users. In this package, the Subscribess can call 3 days from 6 am to 6 pm. The applied fees is 40 Rs including taxes. To receive this offer, select select 3 * 6 #. The user can receive 25 offline minutes and 250 minutes along with 250 SMS. People also get 50 MB internet and 100 MB for social networks.

Talkshawk 2 paisa week offer

This is an exciting offer for friends who have friends in other networks in Pakistan. The user can call to any network for 2 paisa per second. The offer is weekly subscribed. To receive the package, dial * 345 * 227 #. Telenor Talkshawk customers can use this service in only Rs 4.78.

Talkshawk 3 days super-hit offer

This package is also valid for three days. The user can get this package by dialing * 345 * 299 # only Rs 34 plus control. The offer is not valid between 19.00 and 22.00 hours. The user can enjoy unlimited calls by getting this super hit and amazing service.

Terms of use for the use of packages

All packages offered by the company follow some conditions. The company can change the offer and packages at any time. The tax of 12.5 paise is calculated on each call. The freemasons are not for UAN and short code numbers. The packages above are for Talkshawk and Djuice customers. The Company may withdraw the services at any time. FED charges are applied to every charge of the card.

Enjoy the packages and stay connected with friends and acquaintances at excellent rates with excellent voice quality. the packets are easy to activate, so lift the phone to the desired USSD code and connect.