Jazz Ganta Offer 2020 Unlimited Minutes

Mobilink Jazz has Introduce this new Jazz Ganta Offer for Jazz Easy Package subscribers

Jazz Ganta Offer

With this package customers can make Mobilink to Mobilink calls at Rs. 1.80 per hour, round the clock.

This package comes with a daily charges of Rs. 2 plus tax.

Tariff Details of Jazz Ganta Offer

  • Voice Mobilink to Mobilink: Rs. 1.80 per hour (round the clock)
  • Voice Other Networks: Rs. 0.90 / 30 sec
  • SMS = Rs. 1 /SMS (Onnet) ; Rs. 1.5 /SMS (Offnet)
  • Daily Charges: Rs. 2 plus tax

Note: If the call is less than or equal to 30 seconds then customer will be charged Rs. 0.90 / 30 sec otherwise he will be charged Rs. 1.80

How to Subscribe Jazz Ghanta Offer:

Just convert to Jazz Easy package through IVR and dial *105*1# to subscribe to this offer.

First package conversion after new purchase would be free however subsequent package conversion fees of Rs. 10+ tax will be applicable.


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  • Daily fees Rs. 2 + taxes
  • The subscription is automatically subscribed, unless the customer withdraws the subscription or falls below the threshold.
  • Subscribers to Jazz Ghanta Offer  and LNO offerings must unsubscribe from their respective offerings and may opt for this offer after switching to commercial offerings
  • There is no time window restriction and this rate is available 24 hours a day.
  • All other and features packages remain available.
  • The offer is only valid for onnet calls
  • Customer may disable this package through IVR for other commercial packages.
  • “Jazz Easy OLD” packages can not subscribe to this offer. If the customer complains to CC, they will manually switch from the backend to this package within 48 hours.
  • The offer will be available until November 5, 2011
  • 19.5% FED and 10% for recharge

Subscription and Unsubscription Process of Jazz Ganta Offer

  • For subscribers already present on Jazz Easy (not Jazz Easy – Old package)
    • For subscription of feature, dial *105*1# on mobile screen and press send
    • For un-subscription of feature, dial *105*4# on mobile screen and press sen
  • For subscribers who are not present at Jazz Easy
  • For package conversion, select 123, listen to IVR instructions, and select Jazz Easy in the Package Settings

To subscribe to a feature, dial * 105 * 1 # on the mobile screen and press Submit

    • To cancel the function, dial * 105 * 4 # on the mobile device and press Send
    • To disable the Jazz Easy package, select 123 and listen to IVR